About Video Overtake University and It’s Founder

Video Overtake University is a place where business owners, local marketers, or anyone looking to rank videos can fully dive into effective video marketing. Whether your a business owner looking to grow your business through video marketing or you’re a local marketer looking to offer video marketing services to business owners in your area, this is the one place you can do it all. Inside you will find a 7 weeks training program showing you how I rank videos, 50% off our video production, discounted video marketing services and products, a helpful community where you can interact with other business owners and marketers, and much more.

Video Overtake University was really developed over the past few years when I began ranking videos as “tests” to see what was possible. Since then we have developed techniques that give long lasting and powerful results, that we feel are safe and avoid the “red flags” that Google and YouTube penalize. This is NOT one of those “crash courses” that tell you to find a keywords, buy a ton of video views, likes, and social indicators. If you are looking for a training course that will teach you how you can rank video in 5 minutes, this is NOT for you. This course is designed to teach you how to build up a powerful system to be able to rank videos for easier, faster and longer. The more you implement the techniques we go over in this course, the easier and faster your videos will rank…even for the competitive terms!

About Brandon Lucero, Founder of SoldWithVideo.com and VideoOvertakeUniversity.com

If you read the two paragraphs above, you have already read enough, so I figured the best way to tell you about myself was through a video. Sit back and relax!

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